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Children in Guernsey Encouraged to Get Creative to Celebrate Liberation Day


Children in Guernsey Encouraged to Get Creative to Celebrate Liberation Day

Five hundred free crafts packs will be available to children in Guernsey to help celebrate Liberation Day this year. 

The initiative has been made possible by Credit Suisse and will enable part of the planned children's activities on Liberation Day to continue at home with friends and family.

Local retailer Iris and Dora have designed the craft packs and will distribute them from their shop in the Ruette Braye.  The activities are Guernsey flag-themed and will contain either coloured clay with instructions on how to make a Guernsey flag, or you can choose to paint and decorate bunting. 

Deputy Sue Aldwell of the Committee for Education Sport & Culture, said: 'Through the support of Credit Suisse and Iris and Dora, we are so pleased to be able to enable hundreds of children to get creative to enjoy and celebrate Liberation Day this year. 

'We are excited to see the creations that come from these incredible craft packs. Parents can also visit the Children's Zone on the website to find more activities to do with your little ones.'

Glen Tonks, Chief Executive Credit Suisse Guernsey said: 'We are delighted to be supporting the craft packs initiative for Liberation Day. We know Liberation Day is a celebration that is very much at the heart of Island life, and we were really keen to play our part in making sure children have access to a fun activity to celebrate creatively. I'd encourage everyone to get involved and pick up a pack.'

Denyse from Iris and Dora Studios said “We have put together two family friendly crafts for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Who doesn’t love getting creative with clay? This activity pack will provide you with everything you need to create some Guernsey Flags, but the possibilities are endless you can play, sculpt and shape into anything that comes to mind. We have also put together bunting kits so you can decorate your homes to mark this special day.”

Activity packs are limited to one per family, so lots of children can get involved.

The packs are free of charge and can be collected from Iris and Dora anytime from 9am until 5pm from Tuesday 4 May to Saturday 8 May. 

Please take a photo of your creations and share them on social media. Tag @liberationGSY and use the hashtag #YourLocalLibDay.

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